Southwestern Region Executive Committee

Vahnita D. Loud - Southwestern Regional Director

Vahnita D. Loud 

Southwestern Regional Director

Rosetta Davis - Assistant SWR Director

Rosetta Davis

Assistant SWR Director

Dianne Lollies  

SWR Recording / Financial Secretary

Wonda Traylor  

SWR Treasurer

Dr. Valencia Dutton Hall

SWR Journalist

Southwestern Region History

Southwestern Region History

The Sorority’s Constitution provided for four regions-North, South, East, and West. Today there are five regions: Central, Eastern, Far Western, Southern and Southwestern.

In 1946, L. E. Coleman Lockhart, a Charter member of Psi Chapter, was elected and installed as the first Southwestern Regional Director.  In 1947, Psi Chapter, a member of the Southern Region, hosted their final Southern Regional Conference, May 3-5, in Dallas, TX; and became the first chapter in the Southwestern Region.

L. E. Coleman Lockhart also organized the Mothers and Friendship Auxiliary on February 12, 1945 to serve as helpers and aides of the members. The name was changed to The Patroness Board, and then renamed to The Pelotis Auxiliary. The spelling was later changed to The Pelatis Auxiliary.

Past National Presidents from SWR

1991-1995 Dorethea N. Hornbuckle, Psi 

1999-2003 Lillian F. Parker, Alpha Kappa

Southwestern Regional Directors 1946 - Present:

1946-1950 L.E. Coleman Lockhart, Psi 

1950-1954 Alma I. Mackey, Psi 

1954-1958 Ethel F. Turner, Alpha Rho 

1958-1962 Odessa D. Garland, Psi 

1962-1966 Ethel M. Mayes, Beta Upsilon

1966-1970 Sarah M. Stevens, Alpha Pi  

1970-1974 Ora Lee McGowan, Beta Pi 

1974-1978 T. Bernice Miller Evans, Gamma Phi 

1978-1982 Lynn Gray Norris, Alpha Rho 

1982-1986 Virdell Hall, Beta Psi 

1986-1990 Lillian F. Parker, Alpha Kappa  

1990-1992 Erma Jean Scales (Moseley) Beta Delta 

1992-1997 Dwala L. Brown, Psi 

1997-2001 Brenda S. Johnson, Alpha Kappa

2001-2005 Juanda Wallace, Psi 

2005-2009 Janie L. Samuels, Beta Psi 

2009-2013 Charlotte D. Berry, Psi 

2013-2017 Linda Cannon, Alpha Kappa

2017-Present Vahnita Loud, Psi 

In The News

i Messenger News

Our Southwestern Regional Director, Vahnita Loud, graces the cover of the November 3rd edition of I Messenger News.  Click on the link below and find out more: 

Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.'s SWR Director, Vahnita D. Loud, is born to lead.

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