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72nd SWR Conference Evaluation

Hello Sorors,

Thank you all for attending the 72nd Southwestern Regional Conference.  We hope you enjoyed "The Power of Sisterhood."  Our plan was to promote, encourage and inspire all within the Southwestern Region.  We would love your valuable feedback on ways to improve the confercence.  Please click on the link below to provide your feedback: 72nd SWR Conference Evaluation

Thank you,

Soror Vahnita Loud

Southwestern Regional Director

72nd Southwestern Regional Conference


SWR Conference Information

The Southwestern Region is gearing up for the 72nd Southwestern Regional Conference. The conference will be held March 28 - 31, 2019 in Rockwall, TX.  Click the following link for online registration:  72nd SWR Conference Registration.  See below for additional information:

    Feb 22  - Chapter Reports on National Reporting Form (with documentation) - Due

                    Rosetta Davis, Assistant SWR Director

    Feb 22  - Chapter Reports on National Reporting Form (without documentation) - Due

                    Vahnita Loud, SWR Director

    Feb 22  - Dwala Brown Technology Award - Applications Due

                   Valencia Dutton-Hall, SWR Journalist

     Feb 28  - 72nd SWR Conference Registration Deadline

                    Click here for online 72nd SWR Conference Registration

                    Dianne Lollies, SWR Recording/Financial Secretary

    Feb 28  - Hotel  Room Reservations  - Deadline

                    Click here for hotel reservation:  Hilton Dallas/Rockwall Lakefront, Rockwall, TX


    Mar 28-31 72nd SWR Conference - Hilton Dallas/Rockwall Lakefront Hotel

                      Rockwall, TX

    Mar 29  - T. Bernice Evans Crazy Hat and Scrapbook - Due

                    Hotel onsite location - TBD

Other Dates to Remember

Nov 12-16 - American Education Week                    

                  "In recent years Cyberbullying has become a national problem.  What are some forms 

                   of Cyberbullying that you are familiar with and how would you address the problem?"

Nov 15  -  National & Regional Assessments - Due     

Nov 30  -  Evelyn D. Wilkey National Youth Essay Contest - Deadline

                 Carmen Charles - SWR Representative

Jan 11-18 - Mid Winter Board meeting, Washington, DC

Feb 2019 - Black History Month

Apr 2019 - Business Month

Jun 01  -  Founder's Day

Note: See Scholarships page for due dates.